We’re Eshi Events

We are a DMC in East Africa, thriving to provide a personalized service


We believe every event is unique, let us give your event a special attention. Contact Us

Serving Addis Ababa, Djibouti, Kampala, Kigali, Nairobi and Seychelles 

We plan and execute events in six East African destinations. We have 9 years’ experience working in the region but look at every new project with fresh new eye.

We can meet international industry standard with local values and experience in mind.

We have mastered the logistics of planning an event in our region. We can plan and execute every logistic need you would require.

We turn events into experiences. We put thoughts and efforts to every detail to turn it into experience.

Indulge local culture

Plenary session

Experience local cuisines

Every service you need

Host government agreement

We understand which doors to knock when. The support of your local host government or association is important for the success of your event.

Custom clearance

We clear all shipments for your exhibitors and event related shipments on time for setup. 

Travel arrangements

We process visa for your international delegates and arrange flights. Let us make it easy for your delegates to travel. 

Onsite registration

Registration process makes the first impression and sets the mood. We plan for an easy and seamless registration.


Branding excites us! We think of ways to make impressions with lasting impact. Making your event stand out.


Let your delegates feel and experience something new and unforgettable. We plan experience not just event.

Setup Design

Events are about networking, setup makes that a reality. Every setup should maximize the networking opportunity. We have networking in mind when we plan setup.

Event Staff

We hire young students who are eager to learn to assist during events. Our event staffs are enthusiastic and enjoy what they do.

What else?

We are not just your destination management company. We are your partners on ground, your friends away from home. What we offer is never limited to our list but to your needs.

Pick your venue

Through our years of experience we have understood the challenges of finding sufficient information on event venues in our region. You can now easily find information on meeting venues in our destination.

Find Us

Africa Ave. DH Geda Building, 2-11

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Telephone: +251 911 11 3209

E-mail: info@eshievents.com